Saturday, November 17, 2012

The other day, I had to pick up shampoo from the local CVS. While I was standing in line, the woman at the register brushed against the tiny shelves at the register, causing a package of gum to fall on the floor. She looked down, saw it, looked back up at the cashier, took her purchase, and left.

My thought was - Wow! You see you knocked it off the shelf. Why not pick it up? You aren't wearing a hoo-haw dress that would have shown everything you were born with, so why not? Why be like that? She saw me look at her then looked away.

After she left and I approached the register, I bent down and picked it up, blinding everyone behind me. Of course, I wear pants all the time, so that isn't the issue. If you know me, you know I have four broad sides to me. Oh, a fifth, if you count my bottom side. They are all squared off and perty big.

Anyway, the gum is with the cashier as it would not stay on the little shelf from which it was disturbed and I paid for my shampoo and left, a bit sad that this type of person is most likely passing on that gene that expresses the DNA sequence which reads the world revolves around me and I'm too busy right now to be polite. Sad. Sadder still are the folks who were blinded by me. Sorry, folks. If I had left that gum on the ground, I would have been just as stupid as the gal who knocked it off.

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