Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ah, and school begins...

At this time of year, the time when schools and colleges begin classes once more, the weather is the enemy, especially for fat ladies. Oh, yes, and there's the problem. The solution? Lose weight. Working on it. The problem? Well, heat in any form is the enemy of many folks who, for various and sundry reasons, do not tolerate the heat well. Body size, age, and medication are but a few reasons why folks don't tolerate the heat well. Be it dry heat or humid heat, heat is still the enemy.

I have found that carrying around a little water spray bottle helps immensely. Just camping out in Valencia last weekend with a mister and the little water bottle really made a difference in tolerating the triple digit heat. Why did I camp? The club I belong to made reservations long ago and last weekend being the last opportunity to camp before getting back to my job of teaching were the two main reasons I took my trailer and headed out to Travel Village.

It was a bit comical as I was traveling inland from Ventura that every camper was headed toward the coast. Oh, I'm sure they were laughing as I headed to Castaic, and there was laughter with no pity. RVers are generally not an ignorant bunch and I sure found out what Hell will be like. I don't want to go.

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