Monday, January 3, 2011

Now I Know Why Old People Move to Warm Climates

I used to think that Florida, New Mexico, and Arizona attracted retired folks because of the decreased cost of living. Notice that I said 'used to'.

I am now convinced that, even though hot is really HOT during the summer months, decreased cold tolerance is the reason.

These days, the temperature is about 50 to 60 degrees, depending on whether the rain is falling or the sun is out. During the day, it isn't so bad, but come nightfall, the cold seems to seep into my bones, and I cannot get warm, no matter what.

Now, I know why old folks move towards warmer climates. I hate the heat. I lived in the Middle East for five years and that is when I was thin! Now that I'm old, fat, and ugly, it is not a prospect I see for my future.

But is it?


  1. Hello, Thank you for becoming one of my blog followers!

    I left the mid-west (Wisconsin) 30 years ago. Never Have missed the weather. Below zero, or 90's with high humidity!

    I now live in the costal mountains in California and find the moderate temperatures quite my thing.

    Hot hot hot not what I like either.


  2. I think old farts move to warm climates because their scaly old skin requires lizards! Hehe! Of course I'm just joking....sorta! Found your blog on Donna's. She's my blog ma. Well, I adopted her because we are soooo much alike....both trouble :)