Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting older

A few things have happened this last week that make me want to enjoy life much more than before. Each moment is precious, I have always said. With my children grown and self-supporting, each day is icing on the cake, I say.

Well, now I have a reason or two to speed things up. Last week, I went in for an optometrist appointment. I found out I have cataracts already started. I knew there was something up when I couldn't see anything worth seeing without my glasses on. These are cataracts that are behind the lens. They can and will be taken care of by surgery, but I need to be ready for that point in time.

I also keep finding blogs owned by wonderful people who are able to full-time in their RV's of whatever type. I am, indeed, jealous. Not that I would be able to go full-time. I have too many things I enjoy doing and still have the two dogs at home (worse than children in some respects, but great company and free alarm system.) I have a Toy Hauler which I have paid off and which I wish was a tad more comfortable. It is my 'mental health'. It's better than a psychiatrist and a great deal less expensive. I want to go camping a great deal more often than I do now.

And, I plan to host Thanksgiving dinner next year in my home. For me, that is a big deal. My home is in poor condition - the dishwasher died years ago and the garbage disposal, the fridge, and the dryer are all dead. They died nearly a year ago. How have I been living? I have a little fridge and I live just like others do. Without a garbage disposal, I make sure scraps are recycled or in the trash. I have to go to the laundromat for the drying phase of my clothing (this really is inconvenient, especially to one who needs to prep fabric for sewing, so I haven't been sewing,) and I'm ready for a change.

I have been working any extra jobs that come my way and putting the money aside to fix up the house. My daughter just finished her B.S. Magna cum Laude last year, so I don't have money going in that direction any longer. I finished paying off the trailer and the student loan I took out years ago for my daughter's first year of college (she was under 18, so I had to take out a loan) this summer.

Now, it is the house's turn.

I am seriously thinking that I wish I had it in me to write a book. A book that would sell would be great. Easy money, right? I could use that to fix up the house and not borrow anything from the bank. That means I would have to be organized, make myself sit and write each and every day, and collect and plan a storyline that makes sense and captivates an audience. I don't know if I am that 'together,' but it would be rather dreamy to duplicate the efforts as well as the success of J.K. Rowling or Steven King, don't you?

Not to change the subject, but I have enough sewing machines to start a sweat shop (each has its own use) and my master bedroom is being prepared for such. I have dreamed of the day that the tile is in, the room is done, and the machines are in motion. It would be fun to have my sewing group over.

The yards. Wow. Don't even get me started as I have been invaded by the passion flower vine. I will have to have someone come in and remove it. It has overgrown everything. I haven't had any time at all to do the work that has been needed and I, through neglect, will pay for it in many ways. I have a beautiful backyard, when it is kept up, and can envision a great barbeque setup with patio furniture out there one day.

Most of all, I want my home ready to host grandkids whenever they want to come over. It isn't prepared for that. I don't have enough beds and the room that would be used is full of my sewing fabrics and equipment that is waiting to be put into the other room.

I have the fire lit inside of me to get this done. I must, before I die and go to the big campground in the sky or join the Borg Collective. Whichever. But, I'm getting busy. That is the main thing. Now, if I could just guide my age-onset ADD and concentrate everything on the main directive, I would be in business!

Have a great day!

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