Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Day

It's wonderful what a week off from some jobs will do. This week was fall break from my daytime job. I still have two night jobs that I'm working...and it's hard to do all three. I'm sure not as young as I used to be and it's difficult to keep up the energy level, but it is all for a good cause and jobs just don't come by easily. After this semester, I'll still be working at one of the jobs two nights a week. The other job might still be there, depending on enrollment and scheduling, but it will come back next fall. I remember what just working the day job was like and it is good. The night jobs are extra money to fix up the house that desparately needs it. Some day, I hope to be able to just work during the school year and take summers off, but for now with this economy and while I still am able, I want to work as much as I can.

I'm so blessed.

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