Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday - a new day but hellish a year ago.

Hi, Mom!

You left us a year ago. Amazing how time flies, eh? By this time, your three daughters were very distraught, but we knew that you were no longer in pain. You are resting after all those years of raising us and dealing with Dad! Who knew that he was more difficult to deal with than all of us kids together? Oh, we knew! You put up with more crap than a lot of people and yet, in your own way, you loved us always. I intend on loving my kids just like that - for always!

Dad, take care of Mom. Mom, take care of Dad. I suppose you will never forgive us for putting Dad in there with you. I guess you are still taking care of the old pain in the ass, aren't you?

We love you! I love you more!

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