Sunday, March 28, 2010

The enjoyment of grandchildren!

Last week, my oldest son turned 32. I don't know how the years have passed so quickly, as my brain still feels young! His youngest son is turning one year old this next week, 8 days after his daddy's birthday. What a grand scheme of things is life!

Four grandchildren (all my oldest son's children/stepchildren) and my three children have blessed my life immensely. My oldest son's wife is a gem and just what he needed to be a strong helpmate. My other son's girlfriend is wonderful, too. My daughter is single right now and I'm glad. She's still working on her career and past relationships just seem to hinder her quest.

Yesterday, I took the older grandchildren to the movies for some time with them. The movie wasn't so important. It was the fact that we hung out together. When we went back to their home, they were tired and went to bed and I watched the baby while his mom and dad got some 'their' time and I got one on one with the baby. I so enjoy all of the kids and grandkids!

Love is surely all around me and as I receive, I give. Life is simply marvelous!

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