Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bras, Bras, Bras!

This weekend, I attended a class with other ASGLA members. Friday night, the lectures were on knits (wow, I learned quite a bit about the different types of knits!) and bras. We all got fitted for our own bras and Saturday we sewed. We sewed, drank coffee, at lunch, and sewed some more. We could not leave until our bras were sewn and we tried them on. Fantastic!

The class was held at a wonderful church in Simi Valley. Funny thing was, they served dinner to the homeless on Saturday and here we all are, sewing bras and entertaining the homeless, who were standing outside looking in the windows. Our sewing tables were, of course, right next to the windows and needless to say, there were a lot of shit-eating grins out there! Thank goodness there were moveable walls up on the stage where we could try on our newly-constructed underwear. Nearly all of us are older gals, so we didn't mind. Really. After having children and living so long, there is absolutely no mystery to our bodies and what we wear. Really.

What a fantastic job by Anne (here's her Anne's blog) and Janet of Needle Nook Fabrics.  They are quite a pair and sure know their stuff. What IS wonderful is that Anne wrote her own book on bra construction. What a class! If you get a chance, take the class, gals!

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