Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One Year Ago Today

Yesterday, my daughter texted me and told me she had just taken her last final to complete her undergraduate degree. Wow. My folks would have been very proud. I sure am!

Dad passed one year ago today. Mom joined him four months later. My fourth grandchild was born this year. So goes the circle of life.

I am very glad that Mom and Dad are gone for the mere fact that the suffering they went through was painful to watch, and I'm sure they weren't happy campers. Dad passed slowly over years. Mom went quickly...even quicker as a result of a biopsy on her liver. In a way, I am still angry about that really hastening the process, but when we got the results of the biopsy, we found that cancer was in her liver and spread to her spinal cord. Dad had heart failure and the whole organ involvement from smoking all his life. They are now at peace. I believe that they are around, somewhere, and hopefully enjoying their time with all the relatives and old friends.

One thing is for sure - God just keeps throwing us those curve balls and watching how we handle things. So far, I can catch them....but some days are harder than others. Throw me an easy one today, God. Thanks!

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