Sunday, December 20, 2009


The headstone that we sisters chose for our folks turned out great. We got together last Wednesday night (Dec. 18th) and had a toast for Dad. A year has passed. It is hard to believe!

Because we had a family business - a lumberyard and hardware store - we had their names put inside a tree format that resembles the one my folks used for the company logo.

Dear Mom and Dad - we are surely going to miss you this holiday season, but it will be the first one in a long time that the two of you aren't going to be miserable and hurting. And, your new great-grandson is coming along quite nicely! He's going to be something else, that boy! Your granddaughter, Samayyah, completed her bachelor's degree (finally!) and I know you would have been very proud of her. Omar got a promotion at work - Dad, he has his own office and company truck, now. Meher's back at work after his broken leg incident - well, he'll be back on Monday. The house still hasn't sold. The market isn't who knows what will happen. Harry has a gimp leg, now. I guess the vet said he's got arthritis...and it isn't helping him that he jumps up on the couch still. He's got pain pills, Mom. He's not hurting...and he's quite amused with the houseful that your other daughter seems to attract in your house. I won't go there, ok?

Well, as I told you before, I hope it is like being a member of the Borg. When we pass, our spirits rise up and join all the others that have passed before. I hope it is a connected group there so that what one person knows, everyone knows. Wish there was a way to hug you just know that we really, really miss you and we love you still. We always will.

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