Sunday, September 6, 2009

Going gray....or is it grey?

I grew out all of my hair color. Went the burgundy, then the red, and now it's white and gray with a bit of dark still hanging in there back in the center. One sister remarked that I look like Cruella deVille. Wish I was that thin!

Folks' house is up for sale. I'm sorry I couldn't purchase it myself. Too big and too expensive for a teacher's salary. Besides, where would I put my wonderful trailer? It's is my mental health. Camping is a restorer of my soul. That, and my grandchildren.

Now, I just hope I can get all the discounts I can get! Hitting 55 this year has enabled some...but not all the ones I would like to have. I need to be 62 or older for those. Dang! I don't want time to speed up so I'm happy to be paying the regular price, but when I get that old, watch out!

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