Saturday, March 21, 2009

Aging parents and hospital stays

Nevermind that I'm growing old(er), but the days have come when parents are very ill or are passing on. That's the rough part. My father passed on in December and my mother spent her time taking care of him. She has autoimmune disease and her liver is cirrhosed. That, in combination with other factors, piled up on her and after Dad passed away, her energy was spent.

Mom's now in the hospital and having a tough time of it. She has doctors that she likes (I'm not too thrilled with them) and is comfortable with pain killers. I hope she'll be able to go home and spend the rest of her days there. That's what she would want.

Life goes by in the blick of an eye, and then it's gone. When I go, I hope it's quick and I become a member of the Borg collective....what an idea, eh?

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